Welcome to Tokyo; the City of Your Dreams! TOKYO-The capital of japan is home to more than 14 million people, and that accounts for over a tenth of the country's population. Among Japan's 47 prefectures, it boasts the largest number of people, and it is with good reason that many are lured to a city preserved in time but bathed in modernity.

Tokyo is an amusement park of all wonders you can think of, including historical Edo sites that have refused the call of change, and animal cafes serving drinks alongside furry companions. It is a glamorous city blending a dash of past and present into a delightful pot of cultural experiences, architectural marvels, festival shows with unrivaled color, and traditional food that makes the whole of Asia and the world stop to take notice.

Here at Activity Japan, we scour all 2,188 square kilometers that make up this beautiful city, to curate and bring you Tokyo's most prized attractions. We have sightseeing tours across beautiful areas in Tokyo, such as the electric hub of Akihabara, the lovely Ueno park, the traditional Asakusa known for its izakaya bars, and the Ginza and Tsukiji areas, famous for their opulent neighborhoods including refined restaurants and art galleries.

If you are keen on exploring the traditional side of Tokyo, we have a rich cultural menu. You can enjoy delicious matcha at tea ceremonies in tatami rooms and rent one of many striking kimono designs and tour Edo structures of the past or colorful vegetation of today. There are also ancient lessons in the unique arts of Japanese Calligraphy , pottery , and authentic drumming involving taiko instruments .

For the lovers of ancient sports, we take you behind the curtains of Japan's most famous sport: sumo wrestling! Our sumo tours include a front-row showing of morning training sessions, actual sumo fight demonstrations sometimes accompanied by a delightful Chanko Nabe lunch, and Tokyo's most anticipated sumo tournaments!

Alternatively, put on your thinking cap and realize those childhood detective dreams by taking part in the adrenaline adventures of escape houses , virtual reality missions , and the Tokyo Metro underground mystery solving . After a hard day of battling crime, you can unwind to the tunes of angelic voices and performances at a sensual Maid Cafe or relax beside an owl at an Owl Cafe!

In terms of water sports fun, Tokyo has an abundance of options in the way of unique fishing species native to Tokyo. You can also choose to go snorkeling or scuba diving within the city's panoramic waters and explore a rich marine underworld with vivid fish and beautiful coral reefs. If you fancy staying on the other side of the water, our SUP experiences allow you to savor the rush of moving air as you explore the waters by a paddleboard!

Is food the primary reason you are in Tokyo? We can assure you that you'll not be disappointed. The gourmet gastronomy is as diverse as it is tasty, encompassing classic favorites such as sushi, the delicious Japanese confections of wagashi, a traditional take on noodles called ramen, and customary bento, among many others. These experiences not only give you the opportunity to sample dishes made by expert hands, but also allow you to learn the intricate ways these traditional meals are prepared from scratch!

Other fantastic activities for your Tokyo holiday include rafting in nature-blessed Okutama, riding elegant horses in lush settings, touring in style with campervan rentals , and observing exotic animals and seasonal vegetation while waiting for a tasty barbeque. Additionally, you can hop aboard a sleek Yakatabune in Sumida River and sail between beautiful banks of Tokyo cityscape. Or, you could stroll across the legendary Rainbow Bridge, a colorfully-lit structure that promises breathtaking views and lots of firework shows during the festive season!

Tokyo is your one-stop store for all the desires of your heart, and Activity Japan is the knowledgeable guide that ushers you to the city's best experiences! We have hundreds of activities to suit every taste!

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From understanding the symbolism and etiquette of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony to donning centuries-old cultural attires like kimonos, you can be part of essential traditions in any way you'd like. You can choose to learn the ancient ways of ninjas and samurais from Edo times or sit down to conventional art lessons such as taiko drumming, which is synonymous with many Japanese festivals. Pottery, floral arrangements, ancient calligraphy and early century pottery is also available.

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Our show packages include eccentric restaurants offering robot dances, artistic performances of bewitching sequences, and amazing light displays to go with the liveliest singing ever! Whether you want the appeal of dramatic and funny burlesque performances, or the personal attention of a maid cafe, you are sure to find something you like. If cute and adorable animals are the kind of friends you'd like to have a beverage with, animal cafes have your back!

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Have you ever wondered what the life of a traditional Japanese fisherman 's like? Find out by sea fishing experiences, including luxury boats and customary techniques. Uncover the beautiful nature and architecture of Tokyo bay with Tokyo cruises and discover pristine lakes, colored bright by the touch of spring, through canoe tours! Moreover, you can never go wrong with SUP experiences in Tokyo, encompassing fresh air, beguiling shores, and lots of fun!

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Would you like to eat out at traditional Japanese restaurants offering a classic Kaiseki meal, or do you prefer seafood delights like sushi prepared, cooked, and eaten using ancient techniques and accessories? There's plenty of such experiences on offer, the most notable including foodie trips involving famous Fukushima sake, or rice wine, and traditional cooking and food tours where you learn to eat and prepare popular meals in the country's culture!

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Fun is our middle name, and that comes in the form of incredible VR experiences, including Terminator and Ninja titles that thrust you into a realistic world beyond your imagination. Other fun activities include adrenaline-inducing go-kart tours across the country's most beautiful wards, not forgetting wit-testing escape games that cast you into the middle of your favorite fantasies. For those with a more subtle idea of fun, you can try out ceramic classes that teach an important part of Japanese heritage!

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Looking for a vacation with Instagram-worthy views? You'll undoubtedly be impressed by the visual buffet. Take amazing pictures of the colorful night cityscape from the Rainbow Bridge, which itself is a lovely piece of eye candy, and enjoy scenic night tours that are absolutely picture-perfect. Your social media feeds won't lack for anything aesthetic, with multi-colored fireworks festivals and neon-lit houseboats providing more food for the eye. Our guided kimono tours ensure you've gorgeously dressed the part as well!