KANTO: Where Your Sightseeing Dreams Come True!

KANTO offers a chunk of Edo appeal with a slice of modern delight! Explore the fantastic landscapes of Ibaraki and the brimming history across sights in Niko. Summer in Kanto region should be on your radar because of the picturesque scenes and the compilation of fun watersports!

The Tokyo skyline is especially marvelous at night when buildings synchronize into all sorts of alluring light patterns that ripple across the reflection of the surrounding rivers. Enjoy the view from a sunset Yakatabune cruising restaurant , an experience that entails more than just scenery. Ride a rickshaw into the ultra-modern streets of Tokyo and journey through Edo shrines and temples. Better yet, keep fit with healthy cycling tours across Chiba, the city of waterways, and the Imperial Palace of Tokyo, among other places of note!

Saitama is home to refreshing race tracks tucked away in subtle mountain ranges, and you can savor the rush fill your urge for speed with a go-karting adventure that spans Chiba, Kanagawa, and Tochigi as well. Whenever in the region, a bus tour involving Mt. Fuji should be on the cards. It offers excellent panoramas of Owakudani valley, Lake Ashinko, and the Hakone Mountains. Endless other trekking and guided sightseeing tours, such as a private Narita Airport tour await로!

If water sports are your passion, Kanto has much for you to do! Row in the backdrop of skyscrapers as you SUP around a beautiful city in Yokohama, or discover pristine locations in Chiba and Kanagawa! Go on a diving adventure off the Izu islands, and get cozy with sea turtles living their best life in an interesting sea bed. Alternatively, take it fast and furious by rafting in Gunma and Saitama across determined rivers full of rapids and speed.

For another fast-paced and scenic sport, embrace windsurfing in Kanagawa and Chiba. Ride the breezes and waves of a beautiful sea as you race around in Mother Nature 's perfect playground! Take things nice and slow with a family-friendly Canoeing encompassing attractions like Sumida River and the Tokyo Sky Tree! You can also go sea fishing in the sunny settings of Kanto, and reel in a unique fish catch like the carp and yellowtail, to name a few.

Are you someone of great culture and tradition? Walk down memory lane of Edo times with the many traditional experiences in Kanto taking you back to feudal Japan. Rent a full-fledged Kimono , complete with hair accessories and even the iconic umbrella, and enjoy garden strolls or the company of beautiful temples and shrines of old. Taste hundreds of years of brewing history on Japanese whiskey tasting tours and delve behind the stables watching sumo practice in Tokyo , one of the most popular kinds of ancient martial arts!

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Conquer Chiba, Saitama, and Yokohama by standup paddleboarding on the outskirts of a beautiful beach or a skyscraper-laden shoreline. Paddle between parades of green trees on a canoe tour and go surfing in sun-kissed locations throughout Kanagawa and Ibaraki. Kanto 's underwater offers many diving adventures, too, notably involving mermaid photoshoots and meeting sea turtles!

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Are you looking for that something extra to get your heart beating faster? A hot air balloon ride over Tochigi is a daring and romantic affair. Get the excitement pumping in your veins rafting in Kanto Rivers, and racing across city streets on a Go-kart! Paragliding offers just as much fun and heart-throbbing moments to have you on the edge of your seat!

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Feudal Japan was built on the principles of integrity, loyalty, hard work, and etiquette. Learn cultural experiences from those times, such as tea ceremonies and traditional crafts like pottery, leather making, and painting. Mater customary cooking classes entailing famous delicacies such as the California Roll and ornamental sushi. Do not forget to rent a kimono too!

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Who needs cars when you can go horse riding in the bewitching green havens of Kanto? You can also enjoy hot springs and mountain strolls through hiking, and even MTB biking in a forest if you desire. Canyoning in Gunma ensures lifelong memories of mountain barbecues, river rafting, and the best time ever riding waterfalls!

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A helicopter tour of Mt Fuji is the kind of stuff that makes dreams! Houseboat cruising trips promise just as much pleasure for the eyes, while sightseeing tours in Kanto ensure delight for the body through hot spring adventures. On the other hand, an Asakusa rickshaw takes you back to the classic sights of Edo shrines, streets, and temples!

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A maid café is the perfect place to put a smile on your face. Enjoy the performances of pretty girls or sit down to the magic of show restaurants, including futuristic entertainment bars and ninjutsu demonstrations. Be part of your own action movie with escape games in Kanto and let loose bouldering in Tokyo and Kanagawa!