CHUGOKU :a place where adventures and dreams come true!

CHUGOKU offers Edo castles, cultural experiences, and it is a region of immense beauty, culture, history, and sand dunes! Visit the famous Hiroshima city, uncover idyllic seaside towns, and embrace fun summertime watersports such as canoeing!

Watersports are among Chugoku 's specialty, and you can have your fill with a clearcanoeingexperience off Urato beach, known for its unique transparency and clear caves. Take time in the castle town of Matsue and explore the pebbled streets and traditional buildings bycycling. With matchmaking biking, you might just be paired with someone you 'll hit it off with and build a meaningful relationship!

Take upstand up paddleboardingandwakeboardingin beautiful Hiroshima waters and along the Uratomi coast before kayaking out on a sea that hosts a world heritage site! Before you leave the prefecture, be sure to stop by Hiroshima castle and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park dedicated to the legacy of the city. Shimane 's Yuushien garden offers amazing flora and fauna as well!

Visit the divineMiyajima islandsbelieved to be home to gods, and take trips around the floating torii gates on a scenic canoe. Speaking of places with religious significance, you 'll want to make some time for the Izumo Taisha grand shrine where official National Treasures of Japan reside.

Go on a forest therapy experience in Taishakuyo and enjoy the views of indigenous trees and Lake Shinryu. Aside from the Kamaishi plateau, othermountain sportsincludehikingthe beautiful 139 m of Mt. Futaba. In Yamaguchi Prefecture, the Tsunoshima Bridge is the go-to for fun in forests and mountains. Ride across or stroll this iconic bridge punctuated by white sand, green pines, and an azure sea below.

The wondrous sand dunes ofTottori prefectureare a nice place to let off some steam by means of a segway, sandboarding, andparagliding. Once you 've had enough of the sand, discover cultural treasures such as the Tottori Managa kingdom before crossing prefectural borders to explore Okayama castle and the famous 17-century garden of Korakuen.

Chugoku is not without its fair share of impressiveJapan 's culture, which you can learn about throughtextile dyeing,kimono rental plans, andceramic pottery workshopsthroughout the region. Kyudo, Iaido, and Aikido lessons, among others, are also available for those with a keen eye for Japanese martial arts. Other customary and modern experiences includesightseeing tours,riding rickshaws, trekking, cycling, and immersiveairsoft war games!

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From gravity-defying wakeboarding to soothing canoeing adventures, Chugoku has the watersports menu many crave! The region is all about unforgettable times on sandy beaches, in world heritage seas and on world-class lakes and rivers. Dive off picturesque islands into tropical fish- laden seas or SUP cruises in dreamy holiday surroundings; you will not be disappointed!

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Few nations on the planet boast a rich and diverse culture like the Japanese. Experience the customs and traditions with kendo lessons, tea ceremony experiences, kimono rentals, and historical sites tours. Become a floral expert with flower arrangement classes, and embrace traditional Japanese crafts , including pottery workshops and textile dyeing!

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What 's the best way to enjoy scenic bridges and brimming nature? Motorcycle rentals are the way to go! Rev across popular Chugoku attractions on a majestic Harley bike or take things nice and slow with a Sanin rickshaw or cycling adventure. Ride across sand dunes on a segway as you explore the region 's most famous geographical features!

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A combination of airsoft games and divine natural beauty can only mean one thing : you 're in for the most wonderful of times! Paragliding Chugoku is unforgettable, as is an amphibious aircraft tour over popular temples, seas, and landscapes. Canyoning and river trekking in the Yamajri Valley, famous for its gushing falls and lush rivers, is the experience of a lifetime!

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The culture in Chugoku is infectious and heartwarming, like a cup of hot tea on a rainy day. Wear beautiful patterns with kimono rentals and stroll sakura gardens and other sightseeing marvels. Sit down in tatami rooms for customary tea ceremonies and master samurai sword fighting with kendo lessons. Unwrap ancient Edo ways of life and architecture through historic site tours.